2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt Release Date

2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt Release Date

2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt Release Date – Rail traffic approaching ahead is clear, so use one hand to turn the wheel to the left and sign up the hood of the car to Pescadero Creek Road. My other hand is cradling the cue ball headed the shift lever, and as I bite my grip, I push the lever forward and out to put the car in third gear.

2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt Release Date

Removal clutch and pressed the accelerator, in fact, give only a little push, and my passenger and I jumped up on the Hill, the exhaust gases jump and belching behind us. The powerful Brraapp comes through the back of the car and hits our ears in the same way that a whisk wet and low flat of the sousafono in a band of New Orleans shakes you re standing too close, but you do not. It doesn’t matter because you’re so lost in the heat and alcohol and the rhythm. I pushed down harder onto the floor, and suddenly we are progressing 54 mph on the Hill. It is exciting.


Again, I move to the 4th March. With each new slot, the passage of the exhaust up and down as the engine speed automatically adjusts to accommodate the new choice of gear. With the release of the clutch comes another explosion of decibels. Braaaaaah of a sudden, we are pushing 70. I laugh and say it again, the word that I have been muttering like a mantra since I took the steering wheel makes 20 minutes, the word that defines this vehicle, the word that should be recorded in the vanity plate factory: silly.

2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt Persigueme

The beast that I am driving is the Ford Mustang Bullitt 2019. It is a special version of the Mustang that Ford developed and brought to market to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the movie Bullit. In that movie, if you remember it, and I know that you know it, there is a famous Chase scene of cars in which the good man (Steve McQueen) leads a fast green 1968 Mustang while it chases the Dodge Charger black bad down the hills of San Francisco. It is easily the most beloved car chase in the history of Hollywood. When the public saw him in the fall of 1968, he made the young Mustang, which was only four years old but was already a success, was even more desirable, masculine and sexy. No matter Steve McQueen.

This car, the Bullitt 2019 Edition, takes all the greasy DNA fetishized original and folded it into a modern chassis of Detroit. On paper, the Bullitt Mustang $46,595 not away from recent model Ford Ford Mustang Premium. It has a V-8 of 5 litres with 480 horsepower and 420 lb / ft of torque. The maximum speed is a fool of 163 mph. Coincidence of revolutions manual transmission has six-speed, and switching between them is as easy as reciting the alphabet. Adjusted to the performance suspension is borrows from the Mustang GT, and Brembo brakes are painted red so you can see them protrude behind the front wheels. On the Board there is a B & O sound system and the new fully digital set of instruments of the Mustang. The car is shaped, of course, as a fastback. Silllly.2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt Release Date

Like the McQueenmobile ‘ 68, this Mustang comes in dark “verde altas land” (or black straight, but why would you choose that?) ” And it is adorned with bits of choice of the bandits in Bullitt. Logo logo point target of the film is located in the Centre of the steering wheel, the dashboard on the passenger side and Cap of fictional gas at the rear, where normally go the Mustang logo. Then, of course, is that change knob ball signal of the vehicle that was driven in the film. The first time I walked around the car, I thought that all logos of Bullitt had a little thirsty, but if you are buying a Mustang, you really need to announce that your Mustang is rarer, more brutal, nastier and more silly. than all the other Mustangs. So.

2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt Sound transportation

Took the Bullitt on the crest and into the ocean, where we will turn northward and will run along the Pacific Coast Highway. I find some sections of road where I can just browse, and raise the signal ball hand to test some of the settings. The only one that I am really interested in playing is the exhaust mode selector. The unpleasant trumpet that I’ve been spraying in the hills of Northern California during the last hour is the result of Normal mode. Change it to Quiet. It is really quiet. The bite of the car on the road is not reduced at all, but air feels neutralized suddenly, as if one of the great orators in the world had given the podium to a principal accounting officer and begins to recite quarterly earnings statements. I put the dial to up two notches in Sport mode. The disgusting crust again, deeper and stronger. I dare to try the Track mode? I dare. What Wow! It could be considered with the friendly people that enjoy their buffets at lunchtime in their cozy homes hidden among the vineyards as we move forward in the car. But no. This is Bullitt. This is American power. Listen to my engine! By the way, I leave that each speed is higher than it should be before changing gear only to have your eardrums vibrate. I implore my passenger who say it with me: fool, fool, fool.

Soon, we are surrounded by minivans and Priuses travel with care, while traffic in the afternoon through Half Moon Bay and San Francisco. Unfortunately, this will be the experience of Bullitt for the majority of the buyers: a modest 42 mph with many red lights. But even when it is stuck in the pen, the Mustang can smell the open prairies. I steal three sections to anyone who is outside the line at a green light, and make a game that, doing it over and over again. Because for that they are large amounts of horsepower and torque. It is addictive. Even in traffic, I can’t laugh.

2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt Mechanical music

In the evening, Ford corner journalists gathered at a cocktail party at a resort north of San Francisco. Naturally, the bourbon in the open bar is Bulleit. I spent some time chatting with the representatives of the company Ford, all of which are happy to be here, driving this car in the same streets that made it famous. We look at images from the 1968 movie, Bullitt trivia games, we play run in Bullitt slot cars and play pool using a ball of sign personalized with assigned six-speed transmission. We talk about our youth of the mustangs. I tell them how I learned to drive at the wheel of the Mustang GT convertible in 1988 from my parents, that makes us smile at all.

When I ask the Ford boys about the differences between current this Mustang Bullitt and the other Mustang, they recited some statistics but they are finally resolved at a point: the key that offers this car is different than that visceral experience you get on other Mustangs. . When you lower the window and hear how the engine boots, when you feel the exhaust note is screwed on the bottom of your back, when you look down and see that signal ball, get something completely unique. It is cool and rare and can not be replicated in any other car. The original fastback of the 68, which has its own vibe, nowhere. The Mustang GT no will take you there either. The Bullitt is its own unique and delicious brand of fool.


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