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2019 Ford Ranger MPG Specs Review Canada

2019 Ford Ranger MPG Specs Review Canada

2019 Ford Ranger MPG Specs Review Canada – At last. It’s been seven years since the last Ford Ranger left the line at the Twin Cities plant in St. Paul, Minnesota. Ford’s seven years insisting that there was no market for a compact pickup in the United States when there was a full size pickup truck F-150 for every need and pocket. Seven years of Ranger fans clamoring for their return to North America while continuing to be a bestseller in the rest of the world. Seven years of General Motors and Toyota increasing sales and participation in the medium-sized collection segment.

2019 Ford Ranger MPG Specs Review Canada

Enough. Today Ford uses the North American International Auto Show in Detroit to present Ranger 2019 which will be in production later this year, and to be sold at the beginning of 2019. It comes from the global Ranger sold and built elsewhere, but has been re-foreseen for this. Designed and manufactured in Australia for the United States, it is based on parts of North America and will be built at the redesigned Michigan assembly plant.

What has changed? The mid-size pickup segment has seen an increase in sales of 83 percent since 2014, when Ford decided to retrieve the truck, with 452.000 sold in 2017. 2019 Ford Ranger MPG Specs Review Canada

A decade ago, in the midst of the recession, the range of the F-150 continued to expand, and the price gap between the latter and the Ranger continued to shrink. The F-150 was the money and got the resources, while the Ranger remained practically unchanged. Sales continued to fall until the commercial decision was made to suspend it after model year 2011 and redirect customers to the F-150 base or an SUV.

Ford now sees the buyer Ranger as different from the buyer F-150. The Ranger’s owner is an urban inhabitant who drives his truck to work, not to work, and uses it to play the weekend with his toys in bed in the back. It’s not about affordability, but rather about the size, scale, and efficiency of fuel, Eckert says. It’s not about chasing the competition either. Wait for former Ranger owners, new customers and even F-150 owners who want to reduce the size gravitándose to a truck that is easier to drive, park and place in the garage.2019 Ford Ranger MPG Specs Review Canada

It can be argued that the two identification plates, since their inception, have been sufficiently different to attract separate buyers with different needs. But what has changed is that today’s consumers continue to prefer trucks and SUV’s to cars. More car buyers are likely to be attracted to smaller urban pickup as an alternative to an SUV, and these same buyers could never consider an F-150. It is possible that the Ranger will never become the basic element that once was on the roads of the United States, but Ford considers it viable again.

Ranger 2019 will be offered with a single engine: The four-cylinder two-cylinder, two-cylinder EcoBoost engine of 2.3 litres with forged steel crankshaft and Ford’s new 10-speed automatic transmission, without manual. There are still no specifications available, but the 2.3 liters has 280 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque in the Ford Explorer.

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