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2020 Ford Focus RS USA Release Date

2020 Ford Focus RS USA Release Date

2020 Ford Focus RS USA Release Date – The current Ford Focus RS production ends on April 6, but may not be a long wait for the next. A new report from Autocar suggests that the hottest hatchback of the blue oval could by 2020. It also reiterates the rumors that the new RS could get a hybrid powertrain.

2020 Ford Focus RS USA Release Date

2020 Focus RS supposedly would retain the four-cylinder turbocharged 2.3 litres of the existing model, and additional tuning might slightly increase performance. The largest improvement would come from a mild hybrid configuration that consists of a 48-volt electrical system and an integrated starter generator. In total, the system would be good for more than 400 HP (298 kW) and (Newton 576 meters) 425 foot-pounds of torque. However, the only gearbox available could be a dual-clutch automatic.


The hybrid system could also bring other benefits of management. According to Autocar, Ford could design technology to contribute to an increase in power during gear changes, so never a pause occurs in torque delivery.

The new Focus should weigh about 110 pounds (50 kilograms) less than the current one. However, the hybrid equipment would add weight again to the RS, so it might not be much lighter than the existing model.

If these figures are correct, then the Focus RS will have specifications similar to the one of the next generation of Mercedes-Benz A45. The hot hatch of the German mark will use a new turbo four-cylinder and 2.0 litres with more than 400 hp. A revised system of all-wheel drive will take signs of E63 S technology that will allow a rear-wheel drive mode.

The standard version of the Focus of fourth generation will debut on 10 April, and sales will begin in Europe before year’s end. It will not reach the United States until 2019, and the production of these examples will be held in China.

With the combination of their combustion engines and electrical, is expected that the power output of the automobile exceeds the 400 HP, rivaling with the next generation of Mercedes-AMG and Audi offers. The new Focus RS, which still has not been confirmed officially, will build on the recently presented fourth generation Focus.

While already impressive acceleration times and the RS driving characteristics are improved, the new model technology should drastically reduce CO2 emissions and toxic to meet the global demands to adjust rapidly. European regulations require automakers to achieve an average of fleets of 95 g CO2 / km for 2021. The outgoing Focus RS emitted 175 g / km.

The new RS, based on the standard Focus of next generation (which is shown here) which will be launched next week, is part of an offensive of electrification of Ford model 40 announced at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year. At the fair, the company announced a doubling of its commitment to expenditure of £8.7 billion by 2022 and said that it would spend the money both on new models and platforms for electricity (such as Mach 1 Mustang-based) only as in the updating of many of their model You existing hybrids 48V from 2019.

The President of global markets of Ford, Jim Farley, is also one of the main architects of the division of performance of Ford that the firm is now considered as an important asset. It revealed a new plan from Ford to improve the credibility of future electrification technologies by applying first to his most iconic models, as the Focus RS.

The President and CEO of Ford of Britain, Andy Barratt, reiterated the importance of RS brand when he launched a version Heritage Edition of the quick Focus, which marks the 50th anniversary of the emergence of an Escort, the predecessor of the Focus RS.

“La RS brand is very important for Ford and is recognized in all the mundo”, he said. “Tiene a special place in the hearts of fans from the United Kingdom Ford. This last RS is the best we have produced “.”

The following Focus RS is inclined to use the four-cylinder turbocharged 2.3 petrol engine liters of the outgoing model. This engine now produces 370bhp and 376lb ft after a recent round of Mountune updates, thanks to a high-flow induction kit, an EGR valve for improved turbocharger and changes of calibration.

Ford has a history of adopting “ajustes” designed by iconic Mountune tuning company for later production models. “

It is likely that the new Focus RS of 370bhp engine performance is increased with a contribution of 25-30bhp and, what is more important, around 60-70 lb ft of torque from booting a starter / generator integrated 48V (ISG).

Effortlessly from the system restart will save fuel and reduce CO2 to allow longer periods of shutdown of the engine, will collect more efficiently regenerated energy from the brakes and exacerbate low speed Accelerator response to contributing with an additional couple of stop. This will improve acceleration times and allow the engine to run more often in their more efficient power bands, a means to reduce emissions, particularly NOx.2020 Ford Focus RS USA Release Date

The power and torque combined total, an estimated 400bhp and 425lb ft, should allow that the next Focus RS match and possibly exceed the new wave of hot hatches of high range of Germany.

Also should allow Ford to reduce the time from 0 to 60 mph of the Focus RS from the 4.6 seconds to 4.2 seconds of the Mercedes-AMG A45 leader in its class.

Even more important in an absolute rhythm was difficult for high-performance cars are impressive cuts in pollutants of exhaust that offers the new configuration of ISG. It is unlikely that the new Focus RS use an electric turbocharger, as Audi, showed recently although it is known that Ford has been experimenting with this for at least four years. Recent estimates suggest that a next-generation Focus RS equipped with ISG should return cuts of 20 – 30g / km in CO2 production, a vital contribution to reduce the fleet average.

All editions of the Focus RS (including the Mk2 and Mk1, illustrated above) so far have had six-speed manual gearboxes, but the fourth-generation version could offer a dual-clutch automatic option. This would take advantage of the ability of the ISG to provide “pulsos of par” to smooth range changes. ” The availability of an auto-cambiador could also strengthen much needed demand for the car in the auto markets of China and United States. In the United States, especially, the car is seen how expensive for its size.

Ford also has several available speed automatic transmissions, but is unlikely to be used because they are heavier, voluminous and difficult to pack in a car like Focus RS. Even the additional space required to accommodate a 48 V battery of size of a box of shoes (probably under back seat) probably have been difficult to win: the new Focus is based on a modified version of the outbound platform Focus C2 with a length of 50 mm. Distance between axes and a body length slightly greater than 4.4 m.

As with the current model, the following Focus RS will be a five-door hatchback. Today, three-door hatches are considered unnecessarily costly since sold badly in cheaper ways.

Versions of the next Focus family-oriented are inclined to be around 50 kg lighter, model by model, but it is likely that the additional battery and electrical hardware of the RS consume the difference. However, the acceleration (and the Circuit lap times) should benefit from the best ratio power / weight Auto and, especially, their faster responses at low speed.

The new similarity of the hardware of the Focus RS with its predecessor (above) makes almost certainly that the production of the next generation will resume at the plant in Saarlouis in Germany, where the current car was manufactured.

New Focus RS booth will follow the example of the regular car with new lines of equipment that are redesigning along new lines party, simplifying the design of control, increasing the interior space and improving the visibility. Special attention to quality improvements throughout the Focus range has been also paid. Ford is specializing in additional improvements in switching equipment and materials, and a better integrated central touchscreen.

Although Ford is still an affordable RS it is vital for the image that each man has of itself, it is almost certain that the next generation of the fastest Focus will have a rise in prices to help pay for its most sophisticated electrical hardware. Ford has already given half step to indicate it, to appreciate its salient in £39,895 heritage Edition, around £3000 over the standard RS range. When the time of the launch, is likely the 48 V auto to reach the initial £40,000, in which even undermine German rivals and level will be with a decent value given the new power and performance “verde”. “


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