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2020 Ford Ranger XLT Review

2020 Ford Ranger XLT Review

2020 Ford Ranger XLT Review – It’s about 9:00 in the morning at a fancy grocery store in Ramona, California, a little out of San Diego. My driving partner and I are walking through the parking lot about to leave in the second part of our trip to the 2020 Ford Ranger XLT when a man stops at an edition of the 1990 decade.

2020 Ford Ranger XLT Review

I delivered auto parts in a special Ranger of the fleet for a previous job, so I regret the loss of the small low cost pickup as much as my inquisitor. Unfortunately, the truck he wants doesn’t exist anymore. Of course, you can get the Ranger 2020 on a XL base trim with halogen headlights and steel rims, but it will still come with “deluxe stuff ” As a frontal collision alert with automatic emergency braking and a 10-speed automatic transmission. As a result, you won’t find a Ranger for about $20.000 as you would before the model came out of the U.S. market. In 2011. The 2020 Ford Ranger XLT starts at $25.395 and reaches $45.000.

The Ranger has changed, but that’s partly because the segment has changed. Current buyers of medium businesses not only look for a minimalist vehicle to do the job. They want fuel savings, comforts and capacity, all in an easy-to-use package. At least that’s how Ford sees it.

According to Ford Ranger’s marketing manager, Brian Bell, midsize truck customers want a vehicle with which they can travel, park in their garage and undertake occasional adventures. “It’s a lifestyle vehicle for them,” he said. “They need a vehicle that can transport them and bring their equipment to the place where they will be reloaded “.

The Ranger now positions itself as a vehicle for shoppers who do not necessarily have to drive a truck every day, but are willing to pay a little more for one that meets the size requirements and expectations of a daily driver. Maybe that’s one of the reasons Ford chose to carry out Ranger 2020 ‘s media campaign in La Jolla, a thriving coastal neighborhood in San Diego. That luxurious setting would have seemed like a strange choice for the previous Ranger, but the new one doesn’t feel too out of place in a city where you can navigate in the morning and buy high end luxury items in the afternoon.2020 Ford Ranger XLT Review

Of course, “New ” is a relative term. The 2020 Ford Ranger XLT is based on the same T6 platform as the Global Ranger, which is available abroad since 2012. The American Ranger looks like the renewed version of that truck, but the pickup has been designed specifically for our market. In addition to obtaining subtly different body panels, including a steel front bumper, the North American Ranger has a new fully-boxed frame reinforced by six crossbars with a fully welded, hydroformed structure. Along with a series of improvements in the chassis designed to reduce weight, improve comfort and offer more towing capacity. Some of these improvements include rear parabolic springs, hydraulic motor assemblies, and cast aluminum front knuckles. Ranger 2020 has a maximum towing capacity of 7.500 lbs in all configurations.

Then there’s the lone drive train combo: A 2.3-liter turbocharged turbo online EcoBoost that is tuned to provide 270 hp and, most importantly, 310 lb-ft of torque. This engine is coupled exclusively to the 10-speed automatic transmission jointly developed by Ford and GM, a gearbox that is becoming increasingly ubiquitous. We still have to find faults in that transmission in several applications, so we didn’t complain.

Going with a mono-spec powertrain is an interesting option considering that the Toyota Tacoma offers two engines and two transmissions, and the Chevrolet Colorado has three engines available and the same amount of transmissions.

“Our competitors have a four-cylinder base engine that provides them with fuel savings, and then they have an optional six-cylinder engine that gives them performance,” said Bell. “In our case, the EcoBoost of 2.3 liters, we call it the solution ‘ and ‘ because it gives them the best of both worlds “.

Chevy has the buyer’s medium-sized pickup with limited budget covered with the Colorado base, which begins at $21.495. Toyota, however, charges $26.595 for its four-cylinder Tacoma base.2020 Ford Ranger XLT Review

If you are choosing a powertrain to serve a complete line of models, the combo 2.3 EcoBoost/10-speed is a pretty decent choice. The turbo four and the speed of 10, which can also be found in the Mustang EcoBoost, each obtains unique calibrations that adapt well to the truck. The turbo delay is almost imperceptible, and the torque is always just a touch of the accelerator.

As in the F-150, the 10-speed car is fast to take down several gears on demand, and each time it leaves you at the optimum point of the engine power band and offers a satisfactory acceleration speed. I wish the instrument group had a screen like the F-150 to tell me how many gears it was dropping, though. When going uphill, the transmission usually picks a gear and stays in it, although there were some occasions when it was necessary to look for the correct gear.

The Ranger has an EPA rating of 21/26/23 mpg in city/highway/combined rear-wheel drive and 20/24/22 mpg with four-wheel drive. I saw a 22 mpg indicated, which matches the combined EPA rating of 4×4. The stop/start is standard and is reasonably smooth when restarting.

For a body truck on a rack, the Ranger moves and handles well. Body movements were controlled on winding roads. The electric power steering system, also specific to our Ranger, provides sufficient strength and feedback to not feel too artificial, and the inputs are transmitted to the front wheels accurately. The route is smooth on the pavement, and even on more rugged roads or on the ground, the suspension does an admirable job isolating the cabin from the imperfect terrain.

The interior can be a good place to be, thanks to the comfortable seating, the available technology and the elegant design. The Ranger moves low enough so that I can place my 5-foot 7-foot box in the cockpit without feeling that I was getting up. However, the seat position is high enough, which gives you the dominant view you expect from a truck. The XL and XLT models have fabric seats, and the Lariats have leather-trimmed cubes. The upholstered fabric seats feel high quality and left my back without complaints after two hours of driving in and around San Diego. The optional Sync 3 information and entertainment system with a 8.0 inch touch screen was another highlight, although the standard screen is on the small side with 4.2 inches. Despite its size, the rear view camera screen is surprisingly clear.

Ranger can be taken in Supercrew and SuperCab bodywork styles. I found the back seat of the crew cabin model comfortable enough, as I still had a couple of centimeters of leg space sitting behind my own seating position. However, the higher passengers could find the seats tight. The SuperCab rear seats are mostly vestigial, as they are hardly suitable for people of any size; Again, that’s normal on the tour for any medium sized pickup with half back doors. If you put a lot of people in there, at least the load on their devices shouldn’t be a problem, as the Ranger offers up to four USB ports (two on the front and two on the back).2020 Ford Ranger XLT Review

Ford set up an off-road course to give journalists a controlled taste of the Ranger’s four-wheel chops. The course was quite quiet and did not reveal much about the capabilities of the truck, but a demonstration of Ford’s new Trail Control was impressive. Offered for the first time in the Raptor 2020, the All-terrain cruise control function works the same as the Toyota tracking control, but can be used in any transfer box mode and set up to 20 mph. Where the Toyota system floods the cockpit with a disconcerting noise from the ABS system, Ford’s is mostly silent and a little softer. Less experienced off-roaders can use the system to overcome any situation that requires careful modulation of the accelerator and brakes. The feature comes standard with the FX4 package, which is available on all 4×4 models.

2020 Ford Ranger XLT , with its powerful and responsive transmission capacity, refined racing and impressive trailer and fuel economy numbers, disrupts the medium-sized pickup race between Tacoma, Colorado and Honda Ridgeline, and could be The leader now. (We will reserve the trial until the Jeep Gladiator arrives at the end of this year). All that, the 2020 Ford Ranger XLT  is back and better than ever.

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