2020 Ford Transit AWD Price and Review

2020 Ford Transit AWD Price and Review

2020 Ford Transit AWD Price and Review – Ford boasts of having spearheaded the truck sales lists in the United States for more than 40 years. That is quite remarkable, considering that the E-Series pickup responsible for most of those sales has only seen four redesigns in its 58 years of production (yes, it is still in production, but only with the appearance of stripped chassis cabin). In 2014, the van Transit designed by the euro, then a 49-year-old plaque that was beginning its fourth generation, became also in the Ford van in the United States. Now, instead of letting the Transit Languidezca for 16 or 27 years as the last two generations of the E Series (or 31 years as the first generation of British Transit!), Ford is keeping this Transit fresh. A major mid-cycle update for 2020 modifies 53 percent of the vehicle and includes two new engines, a new transmission, the total traction option, a lot of new driver support and safety systems, and a renovation of the Inside and outside. That includes 28 new buildable configurations (for a total of 92!).

2020 Ford Transit AWD Price and Review

With model year 2020 there are major changes for the Ford Transit truck. Compared with the 2019, the 2020 Transits will have a pair of new engines, a new automatic transmission and some other additional functions. More interesting for people in areas with severe weather, the four-wheel drive system is available, which is only combined with gasoline Models. Finally, there is a new configuration for transporting equipment and people, the Crew Van design.


Let’S start with the thrusters. Some are no longer with us: the 3.7-liter gasoline V6 and 3.2-liter diesel I5 are gone, replaced by a 3.5-liter PFDi V6 and a 2.0-liter turbodiesel ecoblue, respectively. A couple of notes on the PFDi V6: It Is The first implementation of the 3.5 PFDi in Ford’s alignment, and the PFDi technology itself (which uses both port injection and direct injection) is the subject of a lawsuit by MIT professors who allege that Ford stole and L Tecnica

The turbodiesel Ecoblue, on the other hand, is an engine developed in Europe that has been used in the Transit abroad since 2016. Interestingly, this engine is also found in the Ford Rangers of the rest of the world, such as Ranger Raptor (double-form turbo). It will Also be the debut of this engine in the U.S. Ford has not published specifications on any of the engines at this time.

The other great addition of the propulsion system is the total traction. The Transit with which we are familiar in the United States It Is A rear-drive configuration with front motor. But abroad, it also comes in front-wheel drive (technically the different custom/Transit Custom Tournament versions) and versions on all wheels. With the 2020 Transit, for the first time here, you can opt for total traction in the United States. It is Still based on rear wheel drive, but is capable of sending up to 100 percent of the torque to the front wheels to prevent slippage. This system does not alter the load floor or the height of the seat. ALL engines and transmission train designs send power through automatic 10-speed automatic, developed jointly with GM and found in almost all models recently introduced or redesigned, sufficiently Big enough to house them.

There Is A new interior layout available, based on customer feedback: the Crew Van. It Has two rows of seats, for a total of five, with side airbags for all passengers. Behind that, there is room for more equipment, and divides the difference between pure load and pure passenger designs. The Chassis cab and trimmed versions complete the line. You can opt for a new electric sliding door with variants of cargo or passenger van. Drivers also get some new technology, including standard pre-collision assistance with automatic emergency braking, pedestrian detection, frontal collision warning, post-collision braking, assistance from Maintenance of rail and automatic high lights. Adaptive cruise control and an adjustable speed limiter are among the new options.

All towing capacity specifications have Not been disclosed, but chassis cab models and cutaway now obtain an increased GVWR: 11.000 lbs, compared to 10.360.



Replacing the 3.7-liter Ti-VCT V-6 base is this new V-6 gasoline direct-injection and port engine, essentially a 3.3-liter version of the F-150 with an increased orifice from 90.4 to 92.5 mm. The engine features most of the second-generation architectural improvements recently applied to F-150 engines and adds roller trackers to reduce friction in the valve train. The engine can be equipped with two alternators of 250 amps to enhance the equipment options (like the EcoBoost V-6 of 3.5 liters double turbo, which has automatic stop/start but otherwise not modified). For now, the 3.5 liters of natural aspiration is exclusive to the Transit. The final power and torsion figures were not published from the printing time, but since the 3.3 litre version produces 290 hp and 265 lb-ft, it is safe to assume that customers will see a comfortable increase of the old 275 hp of 3.7 liters. 260 lb-ft.


Replacing the turbodiesel Power-Stroke I-5 of 3.2 liters is a softer, quieter, more fuel-efficient four-cylinder engine than Global Transits (and the recent Ranger Raptor) have used for three years. It Has a small turbo that increases the power quickly to eliminate the feeling of turbo lag, and a larger one that does the heavy work at higher engine speeds. This engine also has automatic stop/start. Curious Fact: The Pistons melt, they cool and they melt in their forms to eliminate the impurities. The exit has not been announced, but the Euro Transit has 210 hp and 369 lb-ft; Again, a noticeable increase from the 185 hp and 350 lb-ft of 3.2 liters.


Here again we have a variation in the speed of 10 adapted to the trucks F-150, with modifications mainly to satisfy the requirements of packing of the truck. The location of the Transit’s steering frame led to a relocation of the controller unit, and the box had to be modified to allow a direct take-off of the four-wheel drive on the passenger side (the F-150 routes the torque to the side of the Driver, through transfer box screwed). The transmission ratios themselves are very close to those of the F-150.


This single-speed system is available with the new 3.5-liter base engine or the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 double-turbo remnant. The pair is usually divided 50/50, but can send almost all available torque to the front axle if conditions require it, and the system includes slippery sludges/grooves and handling modes. The Total traction does not alter the height or the shape of the floor or the height of handling.


A completely new board offers countless cup holders, trays and cubicles, USB sockets and a selection of full-color central screens: 4.0 inch color touch screen or 8.0-inch standalone as the new Explorer. Grip handles facilitate front entry without compromising visibility, new air vents improve heated and cooled air directly, and ergonomics are generally improved. The new colors include Ebony Black and Palazzo Grey. The revolving front seats are available at the request of recreational vehicle customers (with a 11.000 lb vehicle gross weight rating for the chassis Cab, is a popular candidate for RV equipment). There is Also a new Crew Van configuration for five passengers that mounts a second row bench of three seats in front of a cargo bulkhead, with curtain airbag protection for all external passengers (one segment first). Oddly enough, the three-sided front bench is not available with the back bank, because the design of the central console (one of the three) chosen for the Crew Van is incompatible. The new handles on the rear cargo door provide assistance without reducing the width of the opening.2020 Ford Transit AWD Price and Review

2020 Ford Transit AWD Connectivity

Both screens mentioned above support the latest SYNC 3 operating system with Android Auto and Apple display. Standard in all transits is a FordPass Connect modem that offers 4G LTE Wi-Fi access point connectivity for 10 devices, and fleet customers can opt for the new Ford telematics and Ford Data Services, a toolkit to help Optimize fleet efficiency with delivery order. Status Reports, geofencing with alerts and key performance indicators. You can Even report possible fuel waste and provide training to reduce it. Managers can get maintenance reminders and vehicle status alerts, simplifying the service scheduling process to maximize activity time.

2020 Ford Transit AWD Outside

The three new grid designs are adapted to the different variants, with the double turbo models that obtain the largest one to improve the refrigeration. These are flanked by revised lights that include high intensity discharge lighting and surround LED lighting in wagons. An electric sliding door is Now available, and as mentioned, the total number of constructable configurations (wheelbase, ceiling heights, 150/350 capacity, door types, seating arrangement, load/passenger/chassis-cabin/Cut, Drivetrains, etc.) ) expands from 64 to 92.

Look for the updated Transit to begin shipping to the 3.000 Ford dealerships (including 675 fleet dealers) this fall, and with Ford and VW ready to collaborate in commercial vans in the future, we probably saw the latest of the cycles of Products of several decades.


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